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SB4 Solaer® Lake Bed Aeration System - SB4 - SOLAR AERATORS SB4 Solaer® Lake Bed Aeration System

Product# SB4
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SB4 Solaer® Lake Bed Aeration System

The SB4 Solaer® Lake Bed Aeration System has been designed for smaller pond and lake applications with no access to power. This solar powered solution will aerate a pond or lake up to 5 surface acres in size.

The SB4 package system includes:

  1. 3-120 watt solar panel
  2. 2-828 high volume compressor with wiring harness
  3. 30 amp charge control center
  4. 4 valve adjustable manifold
  5. 4-9" duraplate™ non-clogging maintenance free diffuser
  6. Large fiberglass cabinet with sound reduction package
  7. 2-255amp hour deep cycle solar batteries and fittings package
  8. 12/24 volt smart box convertor
  9. 1600' of 1/2" polypipe and 4" SP mounting structure.

Shipping Weight: 975lbs: This item includes Shipping!

Customers are to furnish a single 4" sch 40 steel pipe 8-10 feet length for mounting solar panels.

Optional automatic solar tracking system available. Auto tracking can gain up to 30% extra electrical power. Call for details and pricing.