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Delivery Methods
Delivery Methods

A common practice in most businesses is to hire companies to deliver their products thereby minimizing their delivery and transportation cost and substantially limiting their liability. This is a practice very commonplace in the aquaculture industry.

At Dunn's Fish Farms, you have our guarantee that your fish will always be shipped on our delivery trucks by competent trained professionals. We never, under any circumstances, hire any other firms or individuals to deliver your fish to you.

We believe the professionalism and dependability of the delivery personnel and the equipment we use to make your delivery, is as important as the quality of our fish. This commitment is evident in our approach.

Our fish delivery trucks are all late model dependable trucks equipped to haul only fish. All of these trucks are equipped with GPS Tracking Systems which allows our dispatchers to monitor and communicate via satellite with the fish delivery personnel every step of the way. Our maintenance crew goes through each one of these trucks before and after every delivery to insure that each load makes it to the next destination in a safe, timely manner.

The Maintenance Supervisor must first review an electronic Maintenance Report generated from the truck by the delivery personnel. This report will contain information pertaining to all safety issues concerning the fish transport equipment and any mechanical and safety issues regarding the truck and trailer as well. After verifying all information in the Maintenance Report, the Maintenance Supervisor must then go through an extensive preventative maintenance check list for all the fish transport equipment as well as for the truck and trailer. In our ongoing commitment to our customers we will exceed all standards in the industry to insure the highest quality of products and services available on the market today.

Route Trucks

All fish deliveries are accomplished in one of two ways, either by Route Trucks or by Special Fish Delivery Trucks. The most common delivery method is via our Route Trucks. After you place your order, you can meet our Route Trucks at one of over 1000 distribution points throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, and New Mexico.

The dates and times on these deliveries are determined weeks in advance. Once you meet with our delivery personnel, your fingerling fish will be individually counted into 18" x 32" plastic bags with water, and then topped off with oxygen and tied off at the top. The fish are bagged according to how long it will take you to reach the pond site. These bags are lightweight and can be easily transported in a car. At the time of purchase, you will receive written instructions on how to acclimate the fish into your pond. This is a simple process that is repeated by our customers thousands of times per year with tremendous success.

Special Delivery Trucks

Special Fish Delivery Trucks are reserved for larger orders. On Special Deliveries we come directly to the pond site and put your fish in ourselves.

The driver will arrive at a predetermined time approved by you. Upon arrival we will begin acclimating the water in the transport tanks to the water in your pond.

This process will help to equalize the water temperature and the PH level. Once this is completed, we will begin transferring the fish into your pond. Rather than shoot the fingerling fish into the pond through pipes, we prefer to transfer the fish in a manner that we believe is safer for the fish, and at the same time allows the customer to view all of the fish. This is accomplished by moving the fish from the transport tanks into buckets a few at a time. The buckets are then moved to the pond where they will be slowly acclimated again to insure full survival.

This process is repeated until all of the fish have been transferred. Although this process is slower than conventional methods, we feel it is more complete and less stressful on the fish at such a critical time during the delivery process.

Service After the Sale

 Once the fish delivery process is complete we want to continue working with you on the management of your pond or lake for years to come.

Whether you are in need of pond and lake supplies, additional fish, or maybe you have questions or concerns about  the management of your  pond and lake, we want to be there for you.

Our consultants have a combined 80 years of experience in the aquaculture industry and are always willing to help. At Dunns Fish Farms, we know our success is directly related to your satisfaction.