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Robust-Aire Aeration System Advantages:

No electricity in the water. There are no motors or electrical components in the water and no restrictions on swimming, boating, or fi shing while the unit is operating.

  • Easy to maintain. Most maintenance and inspection is performed from shore at the compressor enclosure.
  • Energy efficient operation. Robust-Aire circulates the most water with the least energy expended. Our compressors are energy effi cient and Robust-Aire diffusers produce a superior amount of water flow, exceeding other models by 10 to 40 percent.
  • Remote installation. Electrical access near the pond may not be feasible or you simply may want to locate the system away from the pond setting. Air can be delivered to the system from .25 mile away.
  • Manufactured by Kasco Marine. Known for manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient water management equipment for over 40 years, Kasco Marine is a name you can trust.

Robust-Aire diffusers are the most efficient on the market
and create more water fl ow to aerate your pond. Diff users are
designed to provide a fi ne air bubble with the least amount
of pressure. The base is made of durable plastic and an open
port allows filling with gravel to settle. It has a raised design
that keeps the diff users performing at an optimal level above
the pond bottom. A durable, bolted, strain relief attachment
ensures that the weighted tubing will not become detached
during installation or maintenance.

Robust-Aire System

Suface Acres* # of Diffuser Assumblies Cabinet Opitons


1.5 1

Base mount-standard

Post Mount (PM)

Cabinet Mount(CM)

RA2 3 2
RA3 4.5 3
RA4 8 4


RA5 10 5
RA6 11 6

*RA1-RA3 pond size based on a depth of 8 feet and a desired minimum ternover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hours.

*RA4-RA6 pond sizebased on a depth of 15 feet and a desired minimum turnover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hours.

Sizing assistance available.