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The Little Big Bull No. 15PP - The Little Big Bull No. 15PP - VAT AGITATORS The Little Big Bull No. 15PP

Product# The Little Big Bull No. 15PP
Price: US $310.00

This size agitator was designed to fill the gap between the standard and the Big Bull agitators. It gives much more agitation than the standard agitator and keeps many more minnows alive and is recommended for larger vats and troughs. The No. 15 has 1650 rpm, 2.5 amps, continuous heavy-duty grounded motor (1/15hp), wide stout paddle and shaft for longer life, 10 1/2 x 4 basket with a heavy-duty bearing in bottom. The baskets are epoxy- coated steel and the motor has overload protection. Fully guaranteed. Wt. 9lbs. Box of 4 = 34lbs