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For any pond or lake manager the Fathead Minnows should be the most important fish in their management program. The Fathead Minnow is a plankton feeder, but it will also feed very actively on mosquito larva and on commercial feed. These fish will not get over 3 inches long, so unlike many types of minnows, the Fathead will never turn into a predator. They have a life span of 14 months and will reproduce a minimum of 3 to 4 times before the end of their life cycle. They are very high in protein, insuring a high conversion rate, and they are slow top-water swimmers, so all your sport fish will benefit. These characteristics make this fish perfect for any pond or lake. The Fathead Minnow will enhance your pond life in many ways. It will help keep your pond in balance by giving all of your smaller reproduction something to feed on, in turn increasing their survival and growth rates. All of the larger fish will also experience a faster growth rate by feeding on the Fatheads. The better your Fathead Minnow base, the faster everything in your pond will grow. It's almost impossible to overstock on Fatheads, so the more you have, the more your sport fish will benefit. When trying to manage any pond or lake the Fathead Minnow will be a tremendous asset to you and your fish. Help keep your pond in balance, put the Fathead Minnow to work for you today.Fish are available on our route trucks or for special delivery.

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Min. Order: 1 pound (300 to 350 fish)