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Dunn's Super Blue Pond Dye - DSBPD - POND DYES Dunn's Super Blue Pond Dye

Product# DSBPD
Price: US $25.95
Dunn's Super Blue Pond Dye

Super Strength Blue Lake and Pond Colorant

We are excited to introduce another product to our Dunn's Fish Farm Line. Dunn's Super Blue Pond Dye is specially formulated to give a very natural blue look at a very competitive price. The technology used in our dye delivers a concentrated blue colorant, using only a 1/4 of other popular commercial dyes on the market today. This product is sold by the quart giving our customers the convenience of smaller backyard application and making it affordable to treat larger bodies of water. An average application can be 1 quart of product treating 1 acre 4 foot deep. Dunn's Super Blue Pond Dye is 4 times stronger than competitve products and we are delivering it at the most competitive price possible.

Directions For Use:

Apply at the rate of 1 quart per each surface acre of water 4 feet deep. Additional amounts may be added if deeper color is required.

* This product can ship to all states.