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Black Crappie - BC - FINGERLING FISH Black Crappie

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These fish will not feed on a commercial feed, but with a good supply of Fathead Minnows and Hybrid Bluegill they will grow at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2 pound per growing season.

There are two types of crappie that are most common, the Black Crappie and the White Crappie. The Whites are much more prolific than the Black. White Crappie in most cases, take over smaller ponds and lakes. White Crappie should never be stocked in impoundments less than 100 acres. Black Crappie can be stocked in ponds as small as 1 acre without any concern of overpopulation. Since they don't propagate to the extent that the White Crappie do, you will find the average Black Crappie will grow faster and get larger than the average White Crappie.

The Black Crappie is a fish that offers an excellent sporting quality, and are even more enjoyable on the table than they are in the pond. A large Black Crappie is by far the most attractive sport fish you can have in your pond. When properly managed, this fish will add color to your pond or lake not found in most waters.

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