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Aquashade - Aquashade(Liquid) - VEGETATION CONTROL Aquashade

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AQUASHADEŽ is effective at a low dosage concentration. One gallon treats one acre of water with an average depth of four feet (approximately equivalent to one ounce per 10,000 gallons). This provides a one part per million concentration. Water treated with AQUASHADEŽ will have an aesthetically pleasing crisp, clear aqua-blue coloration. It will not cloud the water nor significantly reduce visibility. Color "tint" of treated water will vary somewhat depending upon depth, dissolved and suspended materials in the water, and background (bottom color).

AQUASHADEŽ is easy to apply by simply pouring in along the water's edge. Natural water movements will quickly disperse the product until even coloration is achieved throughout. Quicker dispersion can be accomplished by applying AQUASHADEŽ evenly on the surface with a sprayer, injecting into water pumps, or applying around aerators or waterfalls. Wearing of rubber gloves and protective eye wear is advised for cleanliness and safety.

AQUASHADEŽ has been used effectively in sites ranging from backyard garden pools to large business park and residential development ponds. It is also popular with fish farmers who need to suppress algae and rooted plant growth in order to facilitate netting at harvest time. Golf course superintendents enjoy the aesthetic appeal and product performance which does not interfere with use of water for irrigation. Farm and recreational ponds are not restricted for livestock watering nor swimming following applications.

*You should check your Local and State laws before using this or any other product.

*New York residents must obtain permit before purchasing any EPA registered Product.