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Glyphomate 41 - GM41 - VEGETATION CONTROL Glyphomate 41

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Glyphomate 41 is a Weed & Grass Killer plus an Aquatic Herbicide. Glyphomate 41 contains 41% Glyphosate and includes a surfactant. This will give you more treatment, where you need it. Glyphomate 41 contols over 200 weed, grass, and brush species including Cattails.

Other Features Include:

  • Low Odor Formulation
  • Kills the Roots
  • Nonselective Weed Control
  • Lawn & Turf Renovation
  • Trim & Edge
  • Eliminates Hand Weeding
  • Aquatic Sites Included


*You should check your Local and State laws before using this or any other product.

*New York residents must obtain permit before purchasing any EPA registered Product.