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Large Raccoon Trap - MODEL 1081 - RACCOON CONTROL Large Raccoon Trap

Product# MODEL 1081
Price: US $77.95
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Live trap which measures 15" wide by 15" tall by 42" long. It uses a heavy gauge wire with a steel frame for construction. It has a spring loaded door which is set open when trapping. When the trip pan is pushed down it will release the door which then locks tightly so targeted animals cannot escape. The sliding door makes both baiting the trap and animal release much easier.

TARGET ANIMALS: Raccoon, Opossum, Armadillo, Badger and other medium sized animals.

WHERE TO USE IT: Just about anywhere inside or outside the home.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Generally speaking, the more you have out the better. This is particularly true when trapping more than one animal. It is not unusual to have a family of raccoon active around one location and using one trap means you will have to make several sets and relocations. By setting two, three or even more traps up at the same time you will easily be able to catch the whole family in one night.