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4 The Birds Beaver Repellent 4TBBR - NUTRIA CONTROL

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Liquid material sprayed onto surfaces where nuisance beavers are chewing. It is odorless, won't hurt any animal since it is nothing more than a glue which doesn't dry, and will usually last 6-12 months per application.

TARGET ANIMALS: Several kinds although it works best at stopping beavers from chewing desirable trees.

WHERE TO USE IT: It can be used just about anywhere but is usually applied on the bark of trees you don' want beaver to cut down. Apply it all the way around the trunk of the tree up at least 4 feet high to insure the animals don't chew above treated areas. Apply it by painting it on or use a pump hand sprayer as featured in our catalog.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One gallon can cover up to 1000 sq/ft which is a lot of trees.