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1812a - 1812a - 12V EMERGENCY AERATOR 1812a

Product# 1812a
Price: US $559.35
Finally, you can get rid of the fear of a fish kill in remote areas or those brought on by sudden condition changes. With the 12V Emergency Aerator, you will never have to be at the mercy of mother nature when fish kills threaten ponds long distances from power or those rapidly changing conditions that can bring upon a fish kill in hours. This revolutionary 12V, DC powered aerator will save you and your fish in a pinch. Powered by a common, 12V deep cycle battery, the 12V Emergency Aerator can provide you with nearly 5 hours of continuous operation on a single 100 amp hour battery, providing life sustaining oxygen to the pond and its inhabitants. The light weight and compact design also lend themselves to lightening fast installs for immediate aeration needs.
Each unit comes complete with 12V, DC aerator motor with performance prop and prop guard, 35í of power cord that includes alligator clips for the battery connection and ON/OFF toggle switch, and a float with mounting hardware and two 50í anchoring ropes.
The powerful, 275 watt motor provides excellent oxygen transfer and can provide short-term aeration in up to a 1/3 acre pond or emergency and/or harvesting aeration in much larger ponds. Donít waste another day dodging the fish kill bullet hoping your pond will be spared. Purchase a Kasco 12V Emergency Aerator kit and rest easy at night knowing you can save your fish in a momentís notice.